Our Mission 

The Connected Women of North Carolina (CWNC) is a 501c3 non-profit organization that strives to create opportunities through education, exposure and experience for women in North Carolina. Our goal is to empower women to learn, grow and create their new level of success.

Our Focus 

Addressing Women's Career Needs

The expertise of CWNC's program presenters help empower attendees to set tangible goals for their own companies or careers and get ideas for how to go about attaining those goals. Educational workshops span goal-setting, marketing strategies, branding, leadership development and more. While CWNC scholarships will provide a needed educational boost to recipients. 

Volunteerism as a Learning Opportunity

We offer opportunities through volunteerism, working as part of one of our committees which report to Board members.  This model provides ample opportunities for members and participants to gather experience to help transition into a career focus area.

Making an Immediate Impact

CWNC events allow participants to draw upon the expertise of each other to gain valuable insight into building successful careers and businesses and contributing to each other and the surrounding community in a powerful way. At CWNC events, women exchange information, share advice and encouragement, offer inspiration, mentor, and expand business possibilities.   All CWNC programs offer our members exposure to companies, executives, and endorsements for our members career areas.


Zahira Floyd 


Zahira Class Floyd is an Organizational Change Manager and the current president of Connected Women of North Carolina.  Her current role is as a Change Management leader at First Citizens Bank with 10+ years in experience in organizational change, marketing and communications with roles in the IT industry at Nortel, Avaya, Cisco and Intel.

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Naglaa Sockar


Naglaa Sockar is a self-motivated, results oriented individual with keen sense of responsibility and accomplishment. Experienced in crisis management, conflict resolution, problem solving and development of customer relationships while maintaining the utmost ethical standards.

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Olivia Nadasan

Operations & Strategy 

Olivia Nadasan is Senior Finance Lead, with a professional experience across different geographies, with a strong combination of Finance, Sales Operations & Process Improvement expertise, involving a wide range of tech industries.

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Lisa Kelly 


Lisa Kelly is an Executive Assistant for a small Wealth Management firm with 20 years of experience in private and non-profit administrative support. 

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Dawn Hopper 

Marketing & Communications 

Dawn Hopper is a results-producing marketing professional focused on enabling individuals to build and continually hone their expertise with educational solutions. 

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Julie Thomas 


Julie Thomas serves as the Programs Manager for CWNC a local non-profit organization dedicated to providing the tools, support and opportunities for women


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  Tanishia Butler 


Tanishia Butler is an accomplished business professional with a passion for developing relationships that foster team work and help drive results. I love connecting and learning from others, helping others and achieving positive outcomes.

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Tammy Scott 


Tammy Scott has worked in the food service industry for over 18 years, the last 5 of them as a General Manager of MiLB food service operations. 

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