President's Message

End of Year Reflections

Dear CWNC Members, Colleagues, and Friends:

It has been my honor to serve the CWNC organization in one capacity or another over the last four years. As I look back I have so many fond memories or working alongside the Board to make an impact in our community. What I have learned from this opportunity is that we are not alone. Today there is a swell of women, like never before, coming together in the Triangle determined to forge new paths and continue to break molds. We have bloggers, innovators, founders, connectors, leaders, pioneers all taking action for greater women empowerment.

My HOPE is that you are encouraged and spurred to join in and find your place and unique voice.  There are so many possibilities to keep this momentum going. You can join CWNC as a member or volunteer and form part of an extraordinary group. Or join another group, within your field, place of business, or networking sphere. You can begin your own organization, group or chapter in your area of interest. But one thing is clear, the time is now. Grab hold of your opportunities or create your own. There are no limits!  

Now my term as President has come to an end, and I am proud to share below the impact the Connected Women of North Carolina (CWNC) has made on the local community in the last four years.  This year in particular these amazing women joined me and selflessly gave up their time and talents to continue supporting women in pursuit of career growth opportunities. I leave CWNC a better woman and inspired in the  knowledge that the work continues.

Now more than ever - Stay Connected!

Zahira (Zai) Floyd


We are honored to report, since 2015, the CWNC has:

       Mentored 80 women, pairing with local professionals around the Triangle, and this year partnered with Raleigh Coaching Academy to offer free ICF-certified coaching to our members.

       Delivered 13 Career Workshops- (Over 50 hours of Training!) executed by professional career experts from the Triangle, with over 360 registered attendees.

       Facilitated 24 Networking Luncheons (Large & Small) with over 570 registered attendees

       Raised our Social Media Presence by 1,578 followers– a 173% increase! Maintained LinkedIn group with over 4,000 Members and this year added LinkedIn Company page

       Gifted $58,050 in Training, Scholarships and Stipends in partnership with ECPI, Wake Tech, Kenan Flagler, Carolina Career College, Tweens & Technology and Cisco!  This includes:

        $1000 - This year, first CWNC Member Scholarship

        $30k in CCNA Online Training and Testing

        $3,300K in ECPI Stipends and Gas Cards

        $9K to Wake Tech Community College

        $7K to Carolina Career College

        $4K worth of Discount Coupons for Kenan Flagler Executive Development Program

        $1250 for Chromebooks for 5 inspiring girls in STEM fields for Tweens & Technology

        $2500 - Gifted over 20 CWNC Memberships for women in need of Career Support

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