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10 Things I've Learned from Serving on a Board

I'm currently in the middle of my term as Co-President for CWNC. As such, I get to work along some awesome women to promote and empower women in their careers through mentoring, scholarships, workshops and networking. This has been my first foray in the world of non-profits as part of a Board leading women and I wanted to share some things I've learned (am learning) along the way. Undoubtedly being a leader and leading others in an unofficial capacity is a bit different from carrying the responsibility of a title - something I became aware of a while back. Still this particular role is allowing me to learn more and more each day. Here are some lessons I'm learning:

  • Real connections are key to leading a group
  • Being a leader is about serving others while keeping the vision "alive"
  • Even the quietest voices can have strong and passionate ideas, you just have to be willing to listen
  • You don't have to agree with someone to respect them
  • People will surprise you and themselves, if given the space and support to be their best
  • You don't have to approach things the same way as others, just be in the same race
  • Volunteer work is still work and should be recognized by leaders and each other
  • Each age group brings something unique to the table, don't overlook that
  • People wont remember the decisions you made as much as they will remember how you treated them
  • Your role is not permanent but your legacy is - make it count
As we welcome new Board members in the next year and say goodbye to others - we will miss you so much Dawn! - one thing is clear to me.  This continues to be an amazing learning opportunity in service and leadership. For my part, I am honored and fortunate to have been given this gift. 

Stay Connected!
Zahira Floyd, CWNC Co-President

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