President's Message

A Few of My Favorite Things

A few of my favorite things . . . There are so many intangibles when I think of my favorite things and our organization. Working with women as part of Connected Women of NC brings me joy I never imagined and if I have to pick here are my top three favorite things from 2017 as a part of CWNC!

  • 1.      Seeing our volunteers grow into CWNC leaders. I have seen more than a few ladies bloom once they join our programs and exercise confidence in their new endeavors. Fortunately for us many times that translates into helping us in one of our committees and for some that has paved the path to serving as a Board member. Whether here or elsewhere I am proud to know that our members and participants always come away a little more confident, prepared and enthused. One of our goals is for women to see and grow as the leaders they can be. 
  • 2.      Working with a “tribe” of women. I have worked with many teams in my career and on personal projects but there is something awesome about working with other like-minded women for the common good of others. Perhaps that seems trivial to some but personally I find it invigorating! As a team we have shared personal setbacks and triumphs together and have been there to support one another. We have had success and challenges as a non-profit organization, but through it all we aimed –together - to provide excellent programs for women in our area.  I never played team sports (it was track for me) but this is the closest I think I will get to the feeling of being part of a sports team.
  • 3.      I distinctly remember the joy of watching us give our first scholarship away in Dec of 2015.  The three of us from the Board looked at each other and I don’t believe there was a dry eye. For me that simple act made the Holiday season real.  This year I had the pleasure and responsibility of signing the checks for the scholarships we would fund and for a moment my heart skipped a beat. Having been on the receiving end of scholarships I know how much of an impact any amount can make so this moment was definitely a favorite one for me.

If you’d like to add some of your favorite moment tweet us @CWNC .

We want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays this holiday season and many thanks to all of our volunteers, sponsors, donors, speakers, supporters and members

Personally I want to thank an incomparable team of ladies that served on our Board of Directors: Lisa Kelly, Kelly Walsh, Taylor Boone, Barbara Reed, Tabatha Sampson, Elyce Alicieri, Sweetie Browne and our amazing Dawn Barnett for showing us the way!

For 2018 opportunities as a volunteer, sponsor, scholarship recipient, mentor or member. Reach out via our website at or use Social media FB Connected Women of NC, Twitter @CNWC, IG @ConnectedWomenofNC



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