The Connected Women of North Carolina (CWNC) is currently offering an internship program. The customizable, non-paid internship rotation is to support the CWNC, while helping the interns to gain valuable business and working experience in their field of study/change. The time commitment for this volunteer based organization is around 1 -2 hours per week for various lengths of time. The internships are customizable based on what works best for you and your internship Sponsor.  Please note there is a $50 cost to enroll, which goes towards the Scholarship program to support women’s career goals. 

 Key areas available include: 

  • Legal Intern for Immigration Law Firm
  • Marketing & Communication Management
  • Project Management 
  • Scholarship Project Management  
  • Human Resources
  • Finance 
  • Statistical Analysis 

What’s in it for me?

In exchange for the completion of your key deliverables, you will receive endorsements from CWNC Board Members, mentoring, working experience, a greater networking base in other organizations, and admission to a complimentary career workshop. 

To get involved:

 Please send a copy of your resume to and include the following information:

 Area of Interest:

· What are you hoping to learn?

· Why are you interested in the internship?

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