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Congratulations CWNC Mentoring Program Participants! 

Mentees,  Congratulations for taking the time to focus on YOU – your personal and professional development.  Being a mentee takes time and work on your part. Remember your development is every day, your formal mentoring program is ending but remember your goals and learning never end!

Mentors,  Thank you for sharing your time, talent and providing guidance to our mentees. We hope that you found the experience beneficial for your own learning and development.  Please consider mentoring again for us next cycle.

Looking forward to seeing you at upcoming CWNC events!

Next Mentoring Cycle: May 2107

And many thanks to our 2016 CWNC Mentoring Committee:  Couldn’t be successful without you!

Tabatha Sampson, Rachael Swift


Tonya Perry, Mentee 

Celeste Pageau was a wonderful mentor to me.  She displayed the 5 traits/skills I will share with you.

  • 1-LISTEN Well!  - Celeste listened to where I was, where I had been, and where I wanted to go at this time in my life.
  • 2-GUIDE, Don't Do! - Celeste provided guidance all the time, but didn't do anything for me I could do for myself.
  • 3-FOCUS on ACTION! - After every meeting we focused on next steps.
  • 4-Stay POSITIVE! - Celeste, reminded me to stay POSITIVE no matter what. There was a time, when things didn't turn out quite as I had hoped and I was upset.  She helped me to look at all of the positive things I had accomplished since we started working together.  Celeste even suggested we go out dancing so I could shake off that negative energy, we did just that and I had a BLAST!  
  • 5-COMMUNICATE! - Celeste and I communicated, on a regular basis.  We shared our lives personally and professionally and as a result, I gained more than a Mentor, I gained a FRIEND!

Celeste Pageau, Mentor

Mentoring with CWNC has been, hands down, a rich and rewarding experience for me personally!  My mentee Tonya and I developed a quick rapport and were able to zone in on her needs in a short amount of time. 

Tonya's natural curiosity and diligence in following up quickly sent her on a path for success. There were times when she didn't believe in her own abilities, however with just a little encouragement, Tonya persevered and met many of the networking goals that both she and I set for her over the course of our mentorship together. 

She's an accomplished young woman and is determined to find the best fit for her new career in RTP! Given her significant contribution to her mentoring experience, I have every faith that Tonya will surpass her own expectations and land the job of her dreams!!"

Betsy Smith, Mentor 

Mentoring has been an important part of my career, both being Mentored and being a Mentor. I was on the committee that created the CWNC Mentoring Program 4 years ago. One of the most fulfilling aspects of Mentoring is seeing the Mentee grow, gain new perspectives and practice new skills. Being a sounding board during important decisions, not making them but merely listening is powerful.

Jeanne, my Mentee this year and I hit it off at our fist meeting although we have very different personalities. I learned from her as I'm confident she learned from me.

The CWNC Mentoring Program can be a powerful arrow in your professional development quiver. Don't hesitate to participate!


Jeanne Hiesel, Mentee

My mentoring experience...In essence it's already been successful.  I needed to speak with someone who could help me as I was floundering trying how to proceed on my own.  I was spinning in circles.  Mentoring at its best is never complete and can result in a lifelong friendship between mentor and mentee.  

Betsy was able to help me chart a course for my future.  Some of  the steps are taking long than anticipated, but that is alright.  It's the journey that counts.

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