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Congratulations CWNC Mentoring Program Participants! 

Mentees,  Congratulations for taking the time to focus on YOU – your personal and professional development.  Being a mentee takes time and work on your part. Remember your development is every day, your formal mentoring program is ending but remember your goals and learning never end!

Mentors,  Thank you for sharing your time, talent and providing guidance to our mentees. We hope that you found the experience beneficial for your own learning and development.  Please consider mentoring again for us next cycle.

Looking forward to seeing you at upcoming CWNC events!

Next Mentoring Cycle: February 2018

And many thanks to our CWNC Mentoring Committee:  Couldn’t be successful without you!


Katherine Iron, Mentee 

Katherine Iron's success story:

This mentoring program (Eileen specifically) was the last piece of the puzzle to move forward in my career. It helped me regain my confidence and self-esteem which allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and do something. I am so grateful we were paired together as we have similar communication styles and she was exactly what I needed to produce action. She challenged me when I had doubt and encouraged me when I tried to belittle my own accomplishments. They were words I had said to myself but she made me believe them and live them. I so wish I could share at the closing event how impactful this program is and why we need it to change women leader perceptions in our corporate world. I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing group.

I was a Sr Sales Manager at a company I had been with for 5 years and unfortunately I was as high as I was going to get within leadership. I began classes and training, completed additional projects at work. Eileen helped me set clear next step goals from communicating with my boss to negotiating my salary. And when I did get that interview with a competitor, she reminded me that I needed to look the part…which meant buying a new suit. I looked as confident as I felt when I walked into the meeting with the Founder and CEO, the Sr. VP of Sales, and the Sr. VP of Customer Success (all men). I belonged in that office. I received an offer the next day and I took it. 

For me, its not the title that is important; its needed to be part of the decision-making process within a company. This new position allows me to do that and so much more. I am learning, growing, teaching, coaching, mentoring myself, my new team, the company as a whole. Eileen helped me see all of the value I bring to the table. This new company lets me shine in my strengths. 

Eileen O'Riordan, Mentor

Eileen O'Riordan's success story:

Katherine had a short term goal to become a Director and in the six months  we worked together has worked on her brand and also to manage her current work environment.   I believe Kathrine did most of the work but she has achieved her first goal  which is being a director and growing a sales team from scratch so that eventually she will have her own business.  Its been a pleasure to work with Katherine and to just point her in the right direction as she had all the ingredients.

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