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March 8th, 2018

As International Women's Day (March 8th) approaches we understand that our mission and vision aligns with the press for progress.

 The more NC women feel prepared, empowered, and with the tools to forge ahead in their career the more progress we make in the marketplace. 

Please take a moment and take the pledge to #pressforprogress TODAY!

Connect with us  via SOCIAL MEDIA and let us know how CWNC membership has made you progress.

And let us know how International Women's Day inspires you. 

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Women’s History Month – March 2018

In honor of Women’s History Month, our board members shared which women in history they most admire and why. We encourage you to share which women from history inspire you through our social channels.

Most Admired by Zai - Nectar Badillo 

Why? It sounds cliché, but I really do admire my mother the most. ​Most of her life my mother fought against insurmountable odds to achieve and surpass her dreams while raising two daughters on her own. Nectar Badillo was raised in humble upbringing in the country side in Puerto Rico. Although her family owned the largest sugar cane plantation her grandparents were extremely frugal and practical and did not believe in any "extras." They instilled in her a strong work ethic from very early on and she learned to take pleasure in doing things well and excelling in school. 

Due to family obligations Nectar was forced to study nursing to maintain their support. However, once an independent adult, and after obtaining a Bachelors in Nursing and Masters in Speech Pathology (with honors) she began to pursue her passion for Theology. At this point she was already divorced with 2 young girls but she never lost faith and continued here and there taking classes. In the meantime, her work in Nursing earned her oversight of in-hospital clinical trials and her career flourished. Her dreams began to take shape as Emory University in Georgia offered her several scholarships to complete her Masters in Divinity. It was the proudest day as one morning as I graduated from 7th grade to enter high school and that afternoon my mother graduated and was ordained as a Methodist minister. A pioneer in every aspect, my mother was the first Hispanic woman Methodist Minister ordained in Georgia.  

This is just one example of my mother's tenacity, goals, and how she modeled excellence for, not just my family, but other women around us. 

Most Admired by Naglaa - Cleopatra

Why? “I will not be triumphed over” - Cleopatra

Independent strength, determination and power in an age commanded by men.

Named after the Greek for ‘glory of the father.’ By the time of her sudden death in 30 BC, glory would be entirely hers.

Roman consul Cassius Dio would speak of ‘a woman of surpassing beauty’. In actuality, her ‘beauty’ is the greatest myth that defines her legacy. It also undermines her real power.

Cleopatra did not strike Antony and Caesar to their knees with her good looks, but rather with her wit, charm, fierce dynamism and intellect. 

Most Admired by Tanishia - The Virgin Mary 


She was willing to put her reputation and personal comfort to the side for something greater than herself. Mary knew the risk of her decision (scandal and rejection) yet she approached it without fear.

From the beginning of time, women have always been a vital part of changing our world.

Most Admired by Tammy - The Pioneers of ENIAC, 1946

  • Betty Jean Jennings Bartik, Kathleen McNulty, Mauchly Antonelli, Ruth Lichterman Teitelbaum, Frances Bilas Spence, Marlyn Wescoff Meltzer, Frances Snyder Holberton

Why?  As the first programmers, they had no programming manuals or courses, only the logical diagrams to help them figure out how to make the IT work. They did so by manually routing the data through the machine using it's 3000 switches and cables. 

The day before it debuted, the world’s first general-purpose computer failed to work. It was up to seven women to stay late and make the beast, dubbed ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) operational.

The system was neither small nor simple, weighing in at 30 tons and taking up a 1,500-square-foot basement. It came equipped with 18,000 vacuum tubes, 70,000 resistors, 10,000 capacitors, and 5 million hand-soldered joints. Considering its supposed aptitude with calculating ballistics trajectories, the need for it to work was great—the United States was mired deep in World War II.

All six women contributed to the programming the ENIAC. Many of these pioneer programmers went on to develop innovative tools for future software engineers and to teach others early programming techniques. 

Most Admired by Dawn – Bessie Coleman 

I thought it was my duty to risk my life to learn aviating, and to encourage men and women of the Race…Did you know you have never lived until you have flown?”  Bessie Coleman

Why? Bessie was unable to obtain a pilot’s license in the U.S. because of her race, but that didn’t deter her. She learned to speak and write French, traveled there, and on June 15,1921 she became the first licensed African American pilot.

Her motivation and perseverance to achieve her goal, regardless of obstacles, is a testament to how we can all set BIG goals and work to achieve them.

2018 Mentoring Program Registration is Now Open

Are you a passionate leader with an interest in helping other women succeed? CWNC wants you! Sign up to be a mentor for our 2018 session!

Connected Women of North Carolina’s Mentoring Program Mentor registration is open now through November 30th.

Our flagship program pairs mentors and mentees over the course of six months. Mentors and mentees meet one on one to develop a relationship providing a confidential, safe haven to discuss developmental, career goals and aspirations. Matches are made by the CWNC Mentoring team based on the mentor/mentee profiles provided in the registration surveys.

The program begins with a facilitated orientation session scheduled for late January 2018 (required for all program participants) with mentoring meetings starting in February 2018 and ending in August 2018. Find out More and Register


August 2017:Thank you to our September Quarterly Luncheon Sponsor: Duke Executive Education

Duke Executive Education at the Fuqua School of Business, Ranked #3 in the US in 2016 by Businessweek.
In today’s fast-paced digital world, it is crucial to think like an entrepreneur and a leader. When in a career transition, what can make a difference is who you meet. The Fuqua School of Business, Duke Executive Education offers professional development programs in: Leadership, Management, Communications, Negotiations, Financial Analysis for Non-Financial Leaders, and Navigating Health Care Trends.  Built around current needs and trends, our courses arm you with actionable strategies and practical knowledge you can use to help solve real-world challenges. Courses are taught by world-renowned faculty and industry leaders who bridge the academic and corporate worlds. Study and share insights with other leaders
from around the world, representing a diverse cross-section of companies, industries and disciplines.

Duke alumni are entitled to a 25% discount off of the program price. More than three attendees from the same organization receive a 30% discount. All prices include lodging at the new JB Duke Hotel on Duke’s campus and all meals.

Learn more, or contact Duke for information:

August 2017:CWNC Scholarship Update: Where Are They Now?

We at CWNC love, love, love scholarships! Being able to grant training and development funds to deserving women through the CWNC Scholarship program is seriously the best part of the work we do. We also love to hear from past recipients about how they’re doing since receiving a scholarship. This update is from Cynthia Mitchell, who received a CWNC scholarship to attend Carolina Career College:

"I have been attending Carolina Career College since February of this year.  My selected program is System Administrator.  I just completed the Network+ course and am currently taking the Microsoft Specialist Windows 7.  Net+ was exciting, yet challenging. In the course, I learned basic network theory, infrastructure, devices, security, and troubleshooting. It was a lot of information to consume. However, I believe the course provided the information and the tools needed to study and pass the CompTIA Network+ exam.

I enjoyed the Microsoft Specialist Windows 7 Configuring course and began the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate in July. My tentative completion date for the program is October 2017. In the meantime, I am applying for various positions in the security field.

At first, my goal was to finish the program, obtain my certifications, and plan to use them along with my Linux skills to gain employment, perhaps in the government sector as a System Administrator, Data Base Administrator, or Information Security Analyst. Since taking the Net+ and the Microsoft course, my goals have changed. What changed?  My instructors, who unknowingly inspired and encouraged me by letting me know that asa  woman in Information Technology, I could achieve anything.  So, now I want to go further and obtain higher level certifications like the CASP and CISSP.

I had the opportunity to attend courses at Carolina Career College because I applied for and won the 2016 Connected Women of North Carolina (CWNC) Scholarship. Not only did I win the award, but I got the fantastic opportunity to get a free one-year membership with the Connected Women of North Carolina Organization. The organization provides me access to so many resources along with a chance to connect with other women in the industry.  I am confident that winning this award will have a significant impact on my professional career. Being able to list on my resume that I am the recipient of the 2016 CWNC Scholarship Program will help me to stand out to employers. They will see it as a great accomplishment and view me as a candidate with the qualities they are looking for when seeking potential job prospects." 

Way to go, Cynthia! You're an inspiration to all of us at CWNC!

Midtown Magazine Feature

The March/April 2017 edition of Midtown Magazine highlighted CWNC under the "Women Who Network" section. Take a look at us in black and white or get a copy (pg 91)

CWNC Launches Scholarship

Scholarship for aspiring Carolina Career College students 

Connected Women of NC (CWNC) is launching their 2016 CWNC – Carolina Career College Scholarship, valued at $5,000.

This scholarship is one of several that the non-profit group has awarded over the past two years, as part of their commitment to promote education, exposure, and experience to women in North Carolina.

The scholarship winner can use the award towards an Information Technology career development program at Carolina Career College, including Desktop Support Technician, Systems Administrator, and Security and Network Infrastructure Specialist. Each program includes certification training and career placement assistance.

Applications for this scholarship are being accepted now through December 1, 2016. Women interested in applying for the scholarship should schedule a Career Planning Session at Carolina Career College at 

The Application and other details are available here:

Representatives from CWNC and Carolina Career College will present the scholarship to the recipient in late December. More about CWNC can be found at

October 25 2016 - CWNC's Silent and Planning Holiday Period

The CWNC Board Members take a hiatus between November and January to rest and plan for the upcoming 2017 year.  We look forward to bringing our members a dynamic program during the new season and wish our members Happy Holidays!

September 26, 2016

CWNC was thrilled to provide ECPI University with a check in the amount of $1000 for gas cards for stipend recipients. Physically getting to and from school can often present a big obstacle to students working hard to make a career change. This is the beginning of our growing relationship with ECPI University, and we’re so excited to have them as a new part of our scholarship program.

August 22, 2016

Professional Women’s Non-Profit Group Awards Two Scholarships

Press release

Durham, NC, August 22, 2016 —Connected Women of NC (CWNC) , a growing Triangle-based organization dedicated to helping professional women network and succeed in the technology field, awarded two  scholarships, valued at $500.00 each.

These two scholarships are the first of more that the non-profit group plans to give out in the future as part of their commitment to promote education, exposure, and experience to women in North Carolina.

In her scholarship application, Ms. Melissa Kennebrew highlighted her experience in the military as a transportation operator, and her commitment to expanding her skills to work toward a career in the technology field. 

Ms. Kate Strickland shared in her application the journey she’s taken through various jobs, to find her way to a career she is passionate about – technology. She envisions working for an IT company in the next several years, after completing her courses at Carolina Career College.

“We are so thrilled to partner with Carolina Career College to honor Melissa and Kate in their studies and help them move forward in their careers. They are both inspiring, amazing women”, said Dawn Barnett, Co-President of Connected Women of North Carolina.  

Ms. Kennebrew and Ms. Strickland currently attend Carolina Career College. The check presentation took place at 5:30pm in the lobby of Carolina Career College, 5400 S. Miami Blvd., #140, Durham NC 27703.  

Representatives from Connected Women of North Carolina and Carolina Career College were on hand to share more information about their organizations.

More about CWNC can be found at 

May 10, 2016 - New Members-Only Page

Bookmark our new members only page at Make sure to log in to access all your exclusive member content!

December 21, 2015 - CWNC Awards First Scholarship

Read the full Press release

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